Berget Lewis

With a voice passionate and powerful as well as intimate and sensitive, Berget Lewis is one of the most asked for - and according to many the best - (soul-pop) singer of the Netherlands. After Berget left the hit-formation Total Touch, she on her own gained success with live concerts, radio hits and features in television events. Since her debut album ‘Finally’ (2008) it’s Berget’s name that is starring at festival-, club- and theatre shows.

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Pairing the energy of rock’n’roll to the depth of soul, Waylon is the first Dutch act signed to Motown. Waylon is known as a sensational performer. His first major album "Wicked Ways" (2009) rapidly went platinum while the follower “After All” (2011) is also good for a full swing of ‘pop with roots’. With a intended release later this year Waylon is running busy in his studio creating his new album.

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Mischu Laikah

Mischu Laikah, with roots from St. Martin, Netherlands Antilles, toured with the likes of Eros Ramazotti, Mojo Morgan (Morgan Heritage) and Perfect (of Jamaica). Now it is time to do what she’d always dreamed of doing; to write and to release her own music. With her debut ‘Life.Music.Love’ she certainly made some great first steps.

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EBU European Jazz Competition (EJC)

The biennial EBU European Jazz Competition was initiated in the fall of 2006 by the cooperation of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the North Sea Jazz Festival and the Dutch Foundation of the European Jazz Competition. The biennial European Jazz Competition offers worldwide support in the promotion, increase of the international appearances and identity of European jazz talent.

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N’dambi is the soul’n’jazz diva of the renewed but legendary pure quality label Stax Records. Although N’dambi is still known as co-singer and sometimes co–writer of Erykah Badu’s successes as Baduism, N’dambi set up an amazing live and recording career for herself. New album expected late 2013.

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Gouden Notekraker

SSince 1974 the Gouden Notekraker is the yearly, distinguishing and honoring price that Dutch artists receive from their colleagues for having a major influence on the art of television drama or music. The price offers an artistic and promotional incentive, the award program with nominee concerts and short presentations is aired on national television by the NTR.
Photo: Minke Faber.

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IMS AGENCY In 1993 International Music Services (IMS) set up it’s agency section in the Netherlands, a very central spot within Europe. IMS Agency rapidly built up reputation bringing in American artists and artist packages touring Europe. It became lead in setting up European festival tours with related full circle local promotion. Due to it’s netwerk of co-promotors throug Europe, IMS also produces club and theatre tours as well as televised major concert specials. IMS Agency also has a roster of clients that it represents for Europe or The World. Want to know more


Own explorations and initiatives as well as assigments lead to different kind of projects and events produced by IMS. Many times these productions ask for 110% coordination and include funding, financial and marketing management, next to the actual translation from paper to reality. The productions could be filed as follows:

  • Music festivals and entertainment events
  • Talent and educational projects
  • Co-production at existing music events
  • Consults and concepts for artists, events, music venues and cultural entities
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