IMS Production

Own explorations and initiatives as well as assignments from third parties lead to different kind of projects and events produced by IMS. Many times these productions ask for 110% coordination and include funding, financial and marketing management, next to the actual translation from paper to reality. The productions could be filed as follows:

  • Music festivals and entertainment events
  • Talent and educational projects
  • Co-production at existing music events
  • Consults and concepts for artists, events, music venues and cultural entities

Latest Productions

Project name

Gouden Notekraker

Since 1974 the Gouden Notekraker is the yearly, distinguishing and honoring price that Dutch artists receive from their colleagues for having a major influence on television drama or music. The price offers an artistic and promotional incentive, the award program with nominee concerts and short presentations is aired on national television by the NTR. The neighboring rights  organisations for musicians and actors NORMA and SENA are the hosts of the Gouden Notekraker.,,

Project name

Nationaal Jeugd Jazz Orkest (NJJO)

Eighteen of the very best young jazz talents with a maximum of 21 years of age take part in the formation of this bi-annual big band orchestra. After a period of selections and auditions, the NJJO rolls into an intensive period of coaching, master classes and rehearsing. Finally it will go on tour at the most prestigious outdoor festivals. In 2013 the third edition of the National (Dutch) Youth Jazz Orchestra (NJJO) will be led by trumpet player, composer and bandleader Eric Vloeimans (2011: Benjamin Herman, 2009: Peter Guidi). The NJJO stimulates the development of young talent to the next (professional) level.

Project name

EBU European Jazz Competition (EJC)

The biennial EBU European Jazz Competition was initiated in the fall of 2006 by the cooperation of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the North Sea Jazz Festival and the Dutch Foundation of the European Jazz Competition. The biennial European Jazz Competition offers worldwide support in the promotion, increase of the international appearances and identity of European jazz talent. The Finals of the 2013 edition is held at the North Sea Round Town Festival in Rotterdam.

Project name

Dutch Jazz Competition (DJC)

The biennial Dutch Jazz Competition had its first edition in 2000. The concourse is the best way to experience the ultimate Dutch young jazz talent. The Finals is part of the North Sea Round Town. Next edition: 2014.

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